Hearing Aid Batteries

Modern hearing aids are robust, sophisticated digital devices. But like everything electronic, they require a source of energy to function. Hearing aids use disposable or rechargeable batteries to power their microphones, processors and amplifiers. No power means no functioning hearing aid. Don’t get caught with a dead hearing aid battery.

What type of battery is best?

Disposable batteries have been the gold standard in hearing aid batteries for many years. They provide days of reliable power to keep your hearing aids at optimum function.

However, small hearing aid batteries can pose a challenge to those with vision or dexterity issues. Fumbling with battery compartment doors and small, button-sized items can be frustrating.

Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries solve these problems. Depending on the model, you can get one or more days of use on a single charge. Simply dock the hearing aid in the recharging case at night and it’s ready to use when you awake in the morning.

The audiologist at Alliance Center for Hearing will discuss your lifestyle and any vision and dexterity problems you may have during your hearing aid assessment appointment. If you frequently travel, keeping a supply of batteries on hand can also be a challenge.

Trust Alliance Center for Hearing to recommend just the right power source for your hearing aids. And during your hearing aid fitting appointment, we’ll show you how to change or charge your batteries.

Hearing aid battery sizes

You should always keep spare disposable batteries on hand. And Alliance Center for Hearing makes it easy. We carry all sizes of hearing aid batteries.

Hearing aid batteries are color-coded and numbered. Just remember the color or number and you will always buy the right size. Common hearing aid battery sizes are:

  • Orange (#13): These hearing aid batteries are used in both in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. They last about 240 hours. 
  • Yellow (#10): These hearing aid batteries are very small and are used in hearing aids worn in the canal (ITC). They provide about 80 hours of wearing time.
  • Blue (#675): This is the largest hearing aid battery size and powers the largest hearing aids. They last about 300 hours. 
  • Brown (#312): This is the smallest hearing aid battery used in the smallest hearing aids, those worn completely in canal (CIC). They provide about 175 hours of use.
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