Cochlear Solution


It’s time to get back what you’ve been missing. If you are straining to hear even when using powerful hearing aids and find that you are unable to understand what is being said, a cochlear implant may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. A cochlear implant may not only help you hear again, it can reconnect you to the life you love by helping you regain access to clearer sound.

Cochlear implants work differently than hearing aids. Hearing aids help many people by making the sounds they hear louder. Unfortunately, as hearing loss progresses, sounds not only need to be made louder, they need to be made clearer. Cochlear implants can help give you that clarity, especially in noisy environments

Implant Solutions

Baha Nucleus

CochlearTM Nucleus® System

It’s Been Called a Life Changer. It’s Been Called a Miracle. We Call It a Cochlear Implant. 
When a crucial part of your inner ear isn’t working properly, you may need more than a hearing aid—you may need a cochlear implant to treat your moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss. The CochlearTM Nucleus® System mimics the natural hearing function of the inner ear to help make sounds louder and clearer. A cochlear implant bypasses the damaged part of the ear so sounds are better understood in both noisy and quiet environments, enabling you to hear everything from conversations in noisy restaurants to leaves rustling in the wind

Baha Bone Conduction

Baha® Bone Conduction System

Your Connection to a Lifetime of Better Hearing

The Baha® Bone Conduction System can be a natural pathway to better hearing if you are living with single-sided deafness, conductive or mixed hearing loss. While most hearing comes from sound waves traveling through the air, you also hear from vibrations that pass through the bones in your head.

The Baha 5 System is the first bone conduction system to offer three head-worn sound processors, each one designed to meet a different level of hearing loss. From the smallest to the most powerful, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Cochlear offers smart choices for a lifetime of better hearing.

Other Hearing Solutions

Hybrid Hearing Nucleus

HybridTM Hearing

Use Your Natural Hearing with Cochlear™ Hybrid™ Hearing.

Cochlear Hybrid Hearing* helps those with high-frequency hearing loss (also known as ski slope hearing loss) or those who have some hearing, but still miss many sounds. If you are able to hear low-pitched sounds, but are not able to hear high-pitched sounds like children’s voices and birds chirping, even when using hearing aids, Hybrid Hearing may be a solution. The Cochlear Nucleus Hybrid Implant System is the first FDA-approved solution to use Hybrid Hearing to help treat this type of hearing loss.**

*The Acoustic Component should only be used when behavioral audiometric thresholds can be obtained and the recipient can provide feedback regarding sound quality.

**The Hybrid L24 implant is approved in the US only for adults 18 and older. The Cochlear Nucleus Hybrid acoustic component is not compatible with the Kanso Sound Processor. The Kanso Sound Processor is not intended to be used by Hybrid L24 Cochlear Implant recipients who receive benefit from the acoustic component.

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