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Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids, PSAPS & More. What’s the Difference

Various devices are available to amplify hearing and improve communication. However, these devices aren’t the same; they have different functions and serve different consumers. Over-the-counter hearing aids, personal sound amplification products (PSAP) and other devices are common among people seeking to improve their hearing. So, what differentiates these devices? This article sheds light on these […]

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Early Hearing Testing: 5 Reasons It Matters

Your ears play an important role in helping you to engage, listen, laugh and enjoy many things, including quality relationships with friends and family. For this reason, you must pay particular attention to them and give them the necessary care. It is noted that about 15% of American aged 18 and above have issues with […]

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Top Ways to Get Used to Hearing Aids

You may have visited an audiologist recently to get your hearing checked or because you’re experiencing hearing loss. It might turn out that what they recommend is that you get hearing aids. The truth is that it can take time to get familiar and used to them. You may be hesitant about this change and […]

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Explaining Hearing Loss To Your Loved Ones

There may come a time in your life when someone in your family experiences hearing loss. They’ll not only need to work through and accept what their audiologist is telling them but may also find it challenging to talk about the situation with you. To the person experiencing it, hearing loss is usually a gradual […]

man in blue shirt seeing his audiologist for hearing aid evaluation

Why is a Regular Hearing Screening Important?

A lot of people ignore their hearing screening tests if they do not have any kind of considerable hearing loss or if they do not have a hearing problem. Hearing loss tends to develop over time and sometimes you might not be aware of the gradual changes that happen. That is why it is so […]

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High Frequency Hearing Loss: Know the Symptoms and Treatment

You may concluded that you have high-frequency hearing loss when you notice that you are unable to keep up with conversations, or if someone keeps on commenting on your hearing. If you do develop this kind of hearing loss, then you may find it difficult to hear noises that are high-pitched. You may hear some […]

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Why is There No Cure for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is very common; this is an issue that everyone has experienced in their life at least once. This is an auditory illusion that includes a hum, buzz, ring or some other type of sound that isn’t coming from an external source. Since this is so common and an experience that everyone experiences at least […]

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How Hearing Loss Impacts Your Memory

The human brain is an incredible organ that allows us to function in our day-to-day lives. One of its most important roles is memory – but what happens when you have hearing loss? Memory problems are common among people with hearing loss because it’s so challenging to keep up with auditory information. This article will […]

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How to Find an Affordable Hearing Aid

If you are looking for an affordable hearing aid, the best place to start is to talk with your audiologist. At Alliance Center of Hearing, the audiologist has over 30 years of combined experience treating hearing loss and other hearing disorders. They can point you in the right direction and help determine what type of […]

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