How Often Should You Get Your Hearing Tested?

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Going for a regular hearing test may not always be at the top of your priority list much like your eye tests, dentist visits or doctor’s appointments. However, getting your hearing checked regularly is highly beneficial for your health, especially as you get older. As part of your ongoing medical care, you should schedule an appointment with a local, recommended audiologist regularly; the frequency of your hearing check-ups often depends on your age and medical status. Here we will discuss the various elements that will determine how often you should go to a reputable audiologist for a hearing test.

Newborn and Childhood Screenings

At birth, newborn screenings are essential, as this helps audiologists determine their hearing abilities right away. After the newborn hearing test, it is suggested that children have regular checkups throughout their childhood, perhaps every six to eight years until they reach adulthood. Of course, if your child notices any sudden changes to their hearing, you should book an appointment for a screening as soon as possible.

General Advice for Adult Hearing Screenings

In general, adults aren’t going for as many hearing screenings as they should, even when they notice a change in their hearing ability. Detecting hearing loss early can help identify treatment plans more quickly for the patient; when hearing loss is caught later on, your options may be slightly more limited. As stated by the American Speech Language Hearing Association, healthy adults between the age of 18 and 40, should have their hearing tested every three to five years, as long as they aren’t experiencing any symptoms of hearing loss. There is however, advice for adults who have noisy working conditions and those over sixty which we will now discuss. 

Adults Over the Age of 60

If you’re sixty years of age or over, you should consider an annual hearing test. This is because presbycusis or age-related hearing loss is much more common as we get older. Due to changes in the hair cells inside the ear, your ability to recognize high frequencies may deteriorate over time. According to statistics, approximately one in three adults experience these changes by the age of sixty-five, and this number increases to one out of two by the age of seventy-five. This means that your annual hearing tests have never been more important, even if you aren’t experiencing obvious symptoms.

People With Hearing Loss

Even if you have already been diagnosed with hearing loss, it is still very important to attend regular hearing screening with your audiologist. This may seem like a strange thing to do, but it is actually more important than ever to undergo regular check-ups when you have a hearing aid or if you have hearing loss. Your hearing can actually change overtime, so it’s very important that your hearing aids are adjusted according to your personal needs. This means that you’ll obtain maximum benefits from your hearing aids and your audiologist can check up on you around once a year.

People Who Are Regularly Exposed to Loud Noises

If you work in an industry which exposes you to loud noises every day, your hearing screenings should be more regular than most adults. Presbycusis is also known as noise-induced hearing loss and it can affect anyone and any age. The military, musicians, law enforcement, construction workers and motorcycle riders are all examples of industries in which loud noises are a common occurrence. Those who work in these types of environments are much more likely to endure damage to their hearing. This can be avoided by attending a hearing screening around once a year.

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