man in blue shirt seeing his audiologist for hearing aid evaluation

Early Hearing Testing: 5 Reasons It Matters

Your ears play an important role in helping you to engage, listen, laugh and enjoy many things, including quality relationships with friends and family. For this reason, you must pay particular attention to them and give them the necessary care. It is noted that about 15% of American aged 18 and above have issues with […]

man in blue shirt seeing his audiologist for hearing aid evaluation

Why is a Regular Hearing Screening Important?

A lot of people ignore their hearing screening tests if they do not have any kind of considerable hearing loss or if they do not have a hearing problem. Hearing loss tends to develop over time and sometimes you might not be aware of the gradual changes that happen. That is why it is so […]

woman cupping hand to ear

How Often Should You Get Your Hearing Tested?

Going for a regular hearing test may not always be at the top of your priority list much like your eye tests, dentist visits or doctor’s appointments. However, getting your hearing checked regularly is highly beneficial for your health, especially as you get older. As part of your ongoing medical care, you should schedule an […]

hearing specialist fitting new hearing aids for hearing loss patient

Difference Between Screenings and Hearing Tests

Caring for your hearing should be part of your regular health care routine. It is essential to be vigilant about your hearing as you age, as the chances of experiencing hearing loss increase with the passing years. Audiologists use two different levels of testing to assess your hearing. Firstly, they will give you a hearing […]

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