What Can I Expect at My Visit?

image of alliance center for hearing office

Author: Dr. Amanda Leddige, July 21, 2021

Are you thinking about scheduling an appointment for a hearing test? Or, maybe you have an appointment scheduled and you are wondering what to expect? Well, this blog post is for you!

Alliance Center for Hearing is conveniently located inside the North Dakota Farm Bureau Office Complex in north Bismarck. We have plenty of parking available with easy access to our ground level clinic. Upon entering the building you will find Alliance Center for Hearing inside the first door on the left.

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When you walk into the clinic you will be greeted by our friendly staff. Our staff can assist you with completing the necessary paperwork, if needed.

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When it’s time for your appointment, you and your loved one will be brought into our exam room. Your audiologist will ask a variety of questions relating to your communication abilities and hearing health history. Using a video otoscope, we will examine the health of your ear canals and ear drums. We use a large TV screen so you are able to view the images alongside your audiologist.

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Next, you will move into the sound booth. Your audiologist will then begin testing your hearing. The hearing test is designed to determine your hearing levels across a large range of frequencies, your ability to discriminate speech sounds and understand in background noise. Based upon the results, your audiologist may also recommend a tympanogram to assess the health of your middle ear system. After your hearing test, you will be reunited with your loved one in the exam room. At this time, your audiologist will begin counseling you on the results of your hearing test. We will answer any questions you may have and can also demonstrate the recommended hearing aid technology. Our recommendations will be based upon your individual needs, hearing results, budget and lifestyle. Your hearing ability is as unique as your finger print. At Alliance Center for Hearing, we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your needs and find the solution to maximize your communication skills. We look forward to seeing you!

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