a hearing professional is showing her patient how to use a hearing aid

How Are Hearing Aids Programmed?

Hearing loss is a condition affecting millions of people. However, no two cases of the condition are the same. Each person with hearing loss is unique, with their own circumstances and requirements that may determine the specific treatment. Individual needs must be fulfilled with tailored solutions regarding how hearing aids are programmed. Before is a […]

a display of different hearing aid styles

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids, PSAPS & More. What’s the Difference

Various devices are available to amplify hearing and improve communication. However, these devices aren’t the same; they have different functions and serve different consumers. Over-the-counter hearing aids, personal sound amplification products (PSAP) and other devices are common among people seeking to improve their hearing. So, what differentiates these devices? This article sheds light on these […]

young woman showing off her new blue hearing aids

Top Ways to Get Used to Hearing Aids

You may have visited an audiologist recently to get your hearing checked or because you’re experiencing hearing loss. It might turn out that what they recommend is that you get hearing aids. The truth is that it can take time to get familiar and used to them. You may be hesitant about this change and […]

bte hearing aid on a display stand

How to Find an Affordable Hearing Aid

If you are looking for an affordable hearing aid, the best place to start is to talk with your audiologist. At Alliance Center of Hearing, the audiologist has over 30 years of combined experience treating hearing loss and other hearing disorders. They can point you in the right direction and help determine what type of […]

woman being fitted with new hearing aids

What Are The Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids?

Rechargeable hearing aids are one of two ways hearing aids are currently powered, and they’re becoming more and more popular on the market. After all, some people prefer being able to take their hearing aids out at night and charge them up for the day after, instead of having to switch out the batteries every […]

blue bte hearing aid held in palm of hand

What are the Best Hearing Aid Care Tips?

When you have hearing aids, it’s important to take good care of them because you want them to stay efficient and provide a service. There are some great hearing aid tips to help you keep your devices as close in quality to the day you first got them. With that being said, here are some of […]

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