Why is a Regular Hearing Screening Important?

man in blue shirt seeing his audiologist for hearing aid evaluation

A lot of people ignore their hearing screening tests if they do not have any kind of considerable hearing loss or if they do not have a hearing problem. Hearing loss tends to develop over time and sometimes you might not be aware of the gradual changes that happen. That is why it is so important for you to have regular check-ups so that you can identify some of the earlier signs and so that you can establish your baseline.

This will help you to get diagnosed and it will also help you to find out which ear conditions cause hearing loss or tinnitus at a later date. Even though a lot of noise exposure and even aging are very common causes of hearing loss, you have to know that getting a hearing test done can help you to find out if your condition is caused by aging or if it is through a medical condition. Your audiologist may be able to recommend further testing to you if you believe that you need to get further treatment.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Regular Hearing Test Done?

If you do have your hearing loss confirmed, then you need to try and keep up with regular tests if you can. This will help your audiologist to monitor your hearing. You may also want to find out what factors are contributing to the hearing loss that you have. This will help you to act on any potential issues.


Hearing aids can easily stimulate the degenerating system for your ears, and they can also help to give you new sensory information for your brain. Your audiologist can easily test the hearing ability that you have, and they can also recommend you a hearing aid for your hearing loss. If you find that your hearing loss changes over time, then your audiologist may be able to reprogram your hearing aid so that you can listen to the frequencies that you might have lost.


Those who have hearing loss may also be much more likely to experience issues such as tinnitus. This is known as a persistent buzzing. It can also be a whistling, hissing or even ringing noise. This noise within the ear can make it harder for you to concentrate or sleep.

Your audiologist can test your hearing and they can also help you to gather information about your health, your history and your lifestyle. They can also identify the cause of your tinnitus as well as making recommendations for you in the future.


A hearing test can also help you to diagnose certain disorders that may stem from the ears. This could include Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuromas and even sudden onset hearing loss. If you have a hearing test done, then you can easily pinpoint issues like this and you can also make sure that you are not overlooking any potential symptoms.

Should you Book a Hearing Test Now?

If you suspect that you are having warning signs of hearing loss, then you should not wait for your yearly appointment. Early detection is key if you want to stop permanent hearing loss, so make sure that you schedule a hearing test right away if you happen to experience any of the following symptoms.

Ask People to Repeat Themselves

If you ask people to repeat themselves on a regular basis, or if you find that you lean forward to hear what they are saying more, then this can be a sign of hearing loss.

You Avoid using the Phone

If you avoid using the telephone because you just can’t hear people without having a facial cue, then this is a strong sign that you need to book a test. You may find that you are reluctant to talk on the phone because you are not able to maintain conversation, purely because you cannot keep up with it. This is normal, and on top of this, you may find that you are not able to take information in. Mishearing words is very common with those who have hearing problems.

Not Hearing High Noises

Failure to hear high-pitched noises, or any noise within the upper range can be a major sign that you have a hearing problem. You may find that you have a hard time listening to instrumental music or that you find it harder to hear women or even children. Those who work in a noisy environment may also find it hard to work consistently in a noisy environment.

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