Top Ways to Get Used to Hearing Aids

young woman showing off her new blue hearing aids

You may have visited an audiologist recently to get your hearing checked or because you’re experiencing hearing loss. It might turn out that what they recommend is that you get hearing aids. The truth is that it can take time to get familiar and used to them.

You may be hesitant about this change and aren’t sure what to expect. In this case, review some top ways to get used to hearing aids so you can get the most out of them and ensure a positive experience.

Get the Right Fit

An essential first step when you must get hearing aids is to ensure the right fit. Work with your audiologist who can help you in this area and adjust them properly. This important task should be completed by your audiologist before you take your new devices home with you. They’ll be more effective and comfortable this way. It’s also important that you learn how to put them in yourself before leaving the office.

Wear Them around Your House First

Another top way to get used to hearing aids is to wear them at home first and in other quiet environments initially. Let your loved ones know you’re using them and concentrate on having individual conversations with people. This will be a wise first step before you begin trying them out in noisier and more challenging places.

Try talking to your pet or reading aloud with them as well which will help you get familiar and used to your own voice. While you’re home alone, do some practicing and give yourself homework by listening to talk radio or audiobooks.

Take Breaks

Get used to your hearing aids by taking breaks frequently. Begin by wearing your new hearing aids for a couple of hours the first day and longer periods as the days go on. Build up to wearing them for more hours and in more advanced situations as you become familiar with your hearing aids.

Stay in Touch with Your Audiologist

It’s also important that you know when to go back to or contact your audiologist. Also, be diligent about attending follow-up visits that are recommended or scheduled. You’ll need to fine-tune your device’s fit and settings a couple of weeks after taking them home. However, don’t hesitate to go in sooner and speak with your audiologist if you’re struggling to cope with the volume of sounds and can’t tolerate wearing them. During your follow-up appointment, you can discuss any challenges you’re facing and get some additional tips and advice.

Enlist in Classes

You might also want to think about taking other online hearing aid training or classes. Your audiologist might offer orientation classes that you can sign up for which can lead to greater success in adjusting to them. There are also short-term online programs you can take that will help you improve your listening and communication skills. Determine what’s giving you the most difficulty and find a class or workshop that addresses these concerns.

Have Realistic Expectations

You may have sustained damage to your auditory system if you are experiencing hearing loss and need to wear hearing aids. While these devices can’t fully restore your hearing, they can improve your condition when properly tuned and adjusted. It’s an aid that will make speech easier to understand and amplify the sounds around you.

Maintain realistic expectations in that it will take time to get used to your hearing aids. Although they will be helpful, you might also need to look at people’s mouths as they talk or request that they speak more slowly. It’s in your best interest to anticipate a little frustration and a learning curve. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with background noise. You might notice new and unusual sounds you haven’t heard in a while. Be patient and let your brain adjust and comprehend what’s unfolding.

When you get your hearing checked you may walk away with the recommendation from an audiologist that you need hearing aids. These tips and top ways to get used to hearing aids will help ensure a smooth transition for you. Give yourself a chance to adjust and know that with the right attitude and approach, you’ll soon likely be able to hear well.

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